Useful tools

Books and websites I reference repeatedly (some links via Safari Tech Books Online):

Some I want to check out:

Scott Hanselman has the best list of useful software tools. He’s a developer, so some of the tools are specific to supporting application development and programming. But a large proportion of the tools he mentions are generally useful.

This is the list of tools I find myself installing soon after a refreshing of my system’s OS.

Some more esoteric tools, just right for the job:

Microsoft OfficeWhat can I say?
keepassmy password safe; ports for Windows Mobile, CrackBerry, and more. I sync my password db to my mobile device, and I always have my passwords with me. Lots of plug-ins, though I haven’t played with them (yet).
VIMVi IMproved; it’s the text editor I decided to learn
Paint.NETI like Adobe Photoshop Elements, but this is almost as good. I keep meaning to look into Gimp, but only have so many cycles.
Perl (ActivePerl)The Perl distro I use. I did compile Perl from source once, just to say I had. Not something I want to do routinely, though.
FileZillaGUI sftp client
PuttyDe Facto standard for ssh/scp/sftp
slickrun ( I use the beta)my favorite launcher; executor is close
Sysinternals ToolsProcess Explorer, tcpview, accessenum, etc.
RegEx Coachnice tool for working out regular expressions
DumpSec/DumpACLsave acls/dacls to a file
WinDirStatNice visual display of directory and file sizes.
WinMergeOpen Source tool for file and directory comparisons and merging.
File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV)compute MD5 or SHA-1 cryptographic hash values.

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