SyncML on Windows Mobile 5

I’ve been using the Synthesis SyncML client to synchronize my calendar information between my Oracle Calendar Server (OCS) agenda and my Treo700w calendar. It is important to note that, per the vendor’s recommendations, I’m using the back-level client, rather than the newer 3.0x client. Update: The UVM Calendar server has been upgraded, and the current version (3.0.222 at the time of this edit) of SyncML works fine.

I downloaded the Zip file from Synthesis AG, which contains the program install file (syncml_std_en.PPCWM.CAB) as well as documentation. Because I’m using the Treo with Windows Vista, I don’t have ActiveSync. To install the software, I copied the CAB to my Treo, then used File Explorer to locate and install the SyncML application.

Synthesis SyncML will appear in the Programs list:

Windows Mobile Programs screen

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MSSQL DTS2007 Notification Services update

Int he most recent TechNet Flash newsletter, I spied a link to the article How to prepare SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2000 for changes to daylight saving time in 2007. The article mentions the need to update instances of Notification Services. Following the instructions at was relatively painless.

In addition, there are some issues when using the DateAdd and DateDiff functions. The recommended fix is to use GetUtcDate instead of GetDate. I checkes the apps and DTS packages I have written and none were affected.