First Vista BSODs

Yesterday, I experienced my first Blue Screen of Death in about four months of steady use, and I know the culprit. I had just reinstalled Vista at the end of last week as part of the helpful troubleshooting tips provided by Cisco for their VPN client. Yesterday, I started seeing the problematic behavior again (“can’t enable VPN adapter”) so I decided to uninstall the VPN. I started the removal via Add/Remove programs, and after approving the administrative action and waiting patiently while the uninstaller did it’s think, I got the bright blue screen.


I rebooted in Safe mode, and the VPN client was no longer listed in the Add/Remove programs list. I rebooted normally and within a few minutes, another blue screen. Needless to say, I have reformatted and reinstalled Vista, but I’ll be holding off on the Cisco VPN client.

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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