Treo 700w update

Treo 700w image

Today, I received notification of a significant update to the Treo 700w. Among other things, this update integrates the Daylight Saving Time patch, and provides (sound the trumpets) integrated Dial-up Networking via USB or Bluetooth.

I followed the instructions and ran the update with the Treo connected to my Dell Latitude 620 running Vista Enterprise. All told it took over a half an hour to complete.

The provided updater reminded me to plug the Treo’s power supply into the docking cable, and then it did its thing..

Treo updater applications

The Treo reported the update being complete, but I followed the instructions and didn’t touch it until the desktop update utility said it was done.

Treo update complete

Now I’ll have to give the Dial-up networking a try… sometime… when I’m in a place with some signal…

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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