Ops Manager 2007 and SQL 2000

I was trying to find out why Operations Manager 2007 was happily monitoring a server, and had identified the instance of SQL Server 2000 on that server, but was not monitoring that SQL Server instance.

I did a bit of research, read the SQL Management Pack guide, and tried repairing the agent. I posted a note the the Microsoft MOM SQL Management Pack newsgroup, and didn’t get any response (yet).

Then, this morning, another google search yielded a link to the following blog entry:

KB938991 – The SQL Server 2000 database engine health is not monitored in System Center Operations Manager 2007

I read and followed the steps, but after a few minutes, there was no change. I tried repairing the client again. Still no change. I went off to work on something else, then come back and refreshed my monitoring view.

Ahah! Now monitoring of the SQl Server 2000 instance is working. There must be an interval between refreshes of client rules.

I also found that there are some good blogs about OpsManager 2007:

Good stuff. Now I need to go back and post the solution to that newsgroup.

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