Outlook 2003 and UVM IMAP

Today, I had a request for some help configuring Outlook 2003 to work with UVM’s IMAP services. Before I started using WordPress for my website, I had written an “unofficial guide” on this exact topic, which I have now pulled back online. I’m not going to rewrite the thing in WordPress, though, so readers will have to deal with bland static pages. Enjoy.

Please note: Microsoft Outlook is not among the recommended email clients supported by ETS. However, I use it regularly to access my UVM email (along with Pine and Thunderbird), and I offer the following instructions to help folks who really want to use Outlook 2003 here at UVM. —Geoff

Using Microsoft Outlook 2003 with UVM’s central email system

In reviewing the guide, I see that I went into a lot of detail about my usual customizations and settings, like adding a Purge button to the toolbar. Nice.

See also: Using Outlook 2007 at UVM

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