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I was intrigued by a post on Scott Hanselman’s blog regarding OpenID.  I was interested in enabling OpenID authentication to my blogs, but had some problems with the WordPress OpenID plugin.

A while ago, Jim Lawson pointed me to this very useful presentation of the OpenID technology by Simon Willison as part of Google’s TechTalks. I thought I’d watch it to make sure I have a decent understanding of the technology. It didn’t disappoint:

Interesting trivia at the end: the average user has 18 accounts and 3.49 passwords. (video dated June 25, 2007).

Among other TechTalks that I want to watch, I spotted one entitled Internet Scale Identity, Collaboration, and Higher Education. Sounds very interesting.

I’ll have to bang on the OpenID thing some more to get it working. There’s a new version of the plugin; perhaps that will help.

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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  1. Let me know if you continue having problems with the latest release (v3.0) of the WordPress plugin… it should be much more stable than the 2.x releases.

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