Monday – March 9

Because of my body’s resistance to the artificial manipulation of time zones, I’m running at about ¾-impulse.

Happy Birthday to my little sister.

A friend pointed out to me that Tax Day is also Same Sex Kiss Day, to be held at your friendly neighborhood Starbucks, or wherever you want, really.

On the list for today: storage management, server disk repartitioning, and group management training.

Updating Tools list.

Configuring new SharePoint servers’ backup.

Working with server disk management; accessing system via remote console, mounting ISO as virtual CD across the wire.

Greg showed me WinDirStat. I’ve seen it in several magazines, but never quite grokked the utility of the rectilinear representations of files. Now I understand, and it makes a lot of sense. It would be nice to be able to select alternate color schemes.

Using GPartEd Live to fiddle with partitions. An hour or so later, and the drives have been resized and Windows is up and running, with no problems. Phew!

Sent Marty documentation about backing up MS SQL Server Express Edition using SQLCMD.EXE and Scheduled Tasks.

Investigate account issue for Beth.

Touch base  with Daryl on group management issue for CS.

UWinnipeg has ActivePerl 5.10 packages for IO-Socket-SSL. Is it enough?

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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