Wednesday – March 25

Fixed permissions early (6 am) successfully with NetApp fsecurity command. That and the secedit tool made it quick work.

Did a little Russinovich-guided analysis of a minidump file created by EMC Networker.

Did some more work on UVM::AD module.

A number of other accumulated general administration tasks.

Wrote this perl one-liner to find the volume that contains a user’s homedir:

Z:\>perl -e"foreach (1..5) { $dir=qq{uvol_t1_$_\$}; print $dir, qq{\n} if ( -d '\\\\files\\' . $dir . '\\q-home\\g\\gduke'); }

might be worth turning that into a more robust command and turning it into an exe.

Horror! It appears that I forgot my laptop’s power supply at work. A wrinkle in the work-from-home-during-teacher-conference-early-release-days plan. [/sigh]

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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