Worklog – Town Meeting Day

Need to expand storage on WinDB; Kent is working on the FC storage.

Documentation regarding printer installation. Added a How-To wiki library to the AD Sharepoint Site, and added instruction for installing a printer by Finding a printer in the directory.

Disks on WinDB are successfully expanded.

Expanded the printer documentation.

Quite a bit of work confirming the functionality of NTFRS for SYSVOL: correlated GP GUIDs and Names; looked into a couple of orphaned policy folders; looked through deletedObjects container. Couldn’t find any policies pointing to those orphaned GUIDs.

Fixed Samsung printer duplex issue.

Registered for Mastering the Maze. I note that Greg is doing a couple of presentations, and Carol, Ben, and Henrietta are also covering technology topics.

Began review of Certificate Services migration process:

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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