Wednesday – April 29

Some Microsoft updates released yesterday, including Office 2007 SP2. TSGateway server Web and Terminal services didn’t restart gracefully. Investigating, I find some weird behavior from our Networker backup software. However, installing two outstanding updates and rebooting resolved the issue TS issue. Now I have two Networker issues to follow-up on: restoring .Net config files, and NDMP file restores missing ACLS.

Client with Dell Latitude d630. LiteTouch deployment created BDEDrive at S:, which conflicts with our standard drive mappings. Tried booting to Vista DVD, deleting the volume and then repairing, but that recreated the same system volume. Found a KB article that described renaming a registry key to change the drive letter that the system drive was using. Moved it to Z: and things started working normally.

Began deployment of new DC; drive cloning is s-l-o-w, and so is drive formatting.

Went on a wellness walk on Nation Walk @ Lunch Day; had a nice conversation with a friend from Health Promotion Research.

Checked-in on MSPSS issue; support engineer didn’t receive my email and data sent yesterday. Re-sent.

Some discussion of Vista software compatibility.

Added another laptop to test Wireless group policy.

Developed initial server admin group policy.

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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