Wins and SCOM

Spent much of today wrangling with System Center Operations Manager and my new backup WINS server. There’s a list of hotfixes that are pre-requisites for running OpsManager, including the agent, on Server 2008. One of the prereq’s requires .NET framework, so I’m ignoring that one (KB954049). My primary WINS server, also Server Core, has the OpsMgr Agent deployed just fine. I’ll figure it out, but my forehead is sore from bang on the brick wall.

Also noticed an occasional WINS EventID 4224, which represents a WINS db error which “This may or may not be a serious error.” I dug deeper, following the steps in KB168595 to take the two’s complement of the error value reported in the event to find the Jet Database error. The article links to a list or errors for the JetPack utility (not the Jet DB header file—I’m not downloading an SDK for this), the error cited in the example corresponds with the error code listed here. So my error code means “JetInit already called.” These codes also align with the current Extensible Storage Engine error doc at MSDN.

Since the service is functioning fine, I’ll call this a cosmetic error for now. But I wanted to record the detective work for posterity.

Also did some network troubleshooting and dope-slapped the WDS server. And spent much time banging head on Ops manager.

Glen Elder passed away. I didn’t know him personally, but as a member of the LGBTQA community, I felt his presence. He will be missed.

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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