Thanks, jesse Liberty

I’ve been skimming books on C# as I prepare to learn a new language.  As I was starting to read O’Reilly’s Programming C# 3.0, 5th Edition, I saw author Jesse Liberty’s dedication:

This book is dedicated to those who come out, loud, and in your face and in the most inappropriate places. We will look back at this time and shake our heads in wonder. In 49 states, same-sex couples are denied the right to marry, though incarcerated felons are not. In 36 states, you can legally be denied housing just for being queer. In more than half the states, there is no law protecting LGBT children from harassment in school, and the suicide rate among queer teens is 400 percent higher than among straight kids. And, we are still kicking gay heroes out of the military despite the fact that the Israelis and our own NSA, CIA, and FBI are all successfully integrated. So, yes, this dedication is to those of us who are out, full-time.

The marriage rights established in Vermont and Maine, and soon I hope in New Hampshire, are very encouraging. As I live my life in the progressive bubble of Chittenden County, Vermont, it’s easy to think that things are getting better. At the same time, young people are killing themselves because of anti-gay harassment, even in states with anti-discrimination laws.

Well, it was quite a nice surprise to see a technical book with a pro-queer political message. Thanks, Jesse.

—Geoff, out since February 14th, 1990

Sr. System Administrator at the University of Vermont

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